Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kuya Dale Got Into iAcademy!

Since Dale is graduating Junior High School (JHS), parents were invited by their current school for an orientation for Senior High School (SHS).  Their batch will be the pioneer batch.  The presentation was good, and maybe for students who will take up a non-specialized course in college, their current school's offering is fine.  However, Kuya Dale wants to take up Game Development in college.  We thought it will be good for him to enter SHS that will be beneficial to his future plans.

We looked into Game Development and found out that two schools near us offer it.  La Salle and iAcademy.  Normally, parents would choose La Salle, but since Dale is no ordinary student, I opted to look in iAcademy.  I chose it because it is a smaller school with specialized facilities that is best suited for Dale's college preparation.

We attended the Open House on Sept. 26 and was given a registration form (for taking the entrance exams).  Dale didn't want to fill it out until we finish the presentation and the tour.  He signed it afterwards and took the exam.  After less than an hour, he came back and told me it was an easy enough exam.

We were told to wait for the results and interview.  It took more than an hour of waiting. So we had McDonald's delivered and ate lunch first.  When it was our turn for the interview, we were told that he passed the test and got 91%.  I also showed the interviewer his NCAE results and she was all too impressed.  After the interview, Dale was given his acceptance letter.

We need to pay a PhP10,000 reservation fee on Thursday to make sure he gets a slot since they will only be taking in 250 students for SHS.

I was very impressed with how Dale handled a change in environment/schools, how he waited before he signed the form, with how he composed himself during the presentation, and how he questioned the guide during the tour.  He really is coming of age and becoming a better person.  Kudos to you, Kuya!

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